In the Studio's first event was a visit to the studio of Philip James ROI. Participant Jonathan Farningham shares this thoughts from the day, and Philip responds.

'It was a great to meet such an experienced and committed artist who has been working for years, and to get a glimpse of his life as an artist' says In the Studio participant Jonathan Farningham. 'I picked up a few tips; for example, he typically goes to sitters’ homes for portrait commissions, sometimes he works initially in pastel, so that he can later make a painting from this, otherwise he has developed a good memory and imagination for colour, which allows him to paint from drawings. I have had a studio for about a year, but it can be quite solitary, so being in another artist's studio is a reassuring experience.'

'Having spent fifty years at the easel, I agree it can sometimes be an isolated activity' says Philip James ROI, 'so it was great having a visit from a group of younger artists, and I hope they enjoyed the day. I think it's a really good idea of the Federation of British Artists to reach out to its member artists and encourage a conversation with people at the outset of their practice. We had an afternoon of interesting discussions, ranging from portraits and commissions to the ins and outs of dealing with the art world - more such art and education events please!'

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