NEAC Annual Exhibition 2022 | Award - Winners Exhibition Dates: 23 June – 9 July 2022 We would like to send our warmest congratulations to the NEAC 2022 Award-winners! Keep reading to find out more about the winning artists and their works. The Doreen McIntosh Prize £3,000 in order to reflect the best in figurative painting in British Art, The...
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Sorapure-Charlotte-Night Still Life.jpg
Visit Mall Galleries to see the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2022 which showcases the very best in figurative, observational and painterly work in the UK. Mall Galleries spoke to Charlotte Sorapure, a member of the NEAC, who has two wonderful paintings on display in this year’s show. Keep reading to learn about her inspirations, artistic processes and the...
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Quarantined at home for 10 days after visiting her mum in her hometown of Lisbon, Portugal, Jessica used some of this time to browse the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition online.
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The first time I got involved properly in hanging the Annual Exhibition I was Tom Coates’ gopher. He was the big cheese: we used to race each other to get to the gallery first and I always won, because I lived in Hackney at the time and the bus got me there before Tom’s T Cruiser was parked in Carlton House Terrace.
Posted by Charles Williams NEAC on Wed, 2021-06-23 15:52
The New English Art Club and Mall Galleries are delighted to announce the Prizes & Awards from the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2021. Congratulations to all artists who have been awarded prizes by our generous prize givers. The exhibition is open at Mall Galleries until Saturday 3 July. Book Tickets If you cannot make the exhibition we hope...
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An empty chair in a piece of figurative artwork is often representative of the person who would sit in it, so they are, in a sense, a form of portraiture.
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Books have universally been used to represent knowledge and learning, so here we explore artists in the exhibition who have chosen to depict subjects reading.
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Venus de’ Medici Triptych by Peter Clossick, 2017. Oil pastel and paint on paper, 118 x 86 cm. Image Felix and Spear..jpeg
Peter Clossick NEAC talks about his influences to Lucy Cox of The Aura of Abstraction
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What Are You Doing Here? by David Cobley.jpg
Ahead of his upcoming retrospective, David Cobley reflects on his thirty-year career.
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Want to know more about the process of commissioning a painting of your garden? We spoke to some of our clients who have done so in the past, and the artists behind them.
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Artist, art critic and Mall Galleries' Art Expert in Residence, Estelle Lovatt FRSA, shares her thoughts on the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2019.
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As the New English Art Club exhibit in Mall Galleries, the bookshop has a range of related books, cards and gifts.
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