• How does commissioning art work?
  • Why would I commission an artwork in the first place?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do I choose an artist?

If you’ve never commissioned an artwork before, there might be a million questions like the above in your mind. Anna Bromwich, Mall Galleries Commissions Consultant, will attempt to clarify some of these points.

Commissioning art is the process by which an artist creates a work of art on a client’s invitation. This invitation comes in many shapes and forms.  As Commissions Consultant at Mall Galleries, I have seen clients move towards commissioning because the exhibition work they were interested in was sold before they could get to it and they wanted to commission something similar.

We have commissioned house and boat portraits, plein air painted landscapes and still lifes of objects. Each object or place would hold sentimental value for the commissioner.

Mall Galleries Art Consultancy have worked with companies and diverse businesses on commissioning emerging artists for their office walls. We have sourced the right artist for someone’s new home, matching colour and style to personality. 

As a commissions consultant, my main role is as a mediator. Some clients know who they want to commission, others look to us for help.

We talk everything through with the client, presenting you with portfolios and helping to clarify ideas. Once you have settled on an artist we take care of written agreements, organise site visits if necessary and make sure communication runs fluidly between you and the commissioned artist.  We work with budgets anywhere between £750 – £100,000, so it’s worth having a chat with our consultants in the gallery.  Invoicing in two instalments, a deposit to start and the balance on completion means that both parties interests are protected.

As an example of the above, The Pastel Society visitors might be interested one of our most recent commissions – a portrait of a 1950s church in North London.  The client, the church’s vicar, had seen the 2015 FBA exhibition The Painted Parish online and had been inspired to commission an artist to paint his own place of worship.  Mall Galleries art advisors put together a portfolio of possible artists. Peter Vincent PS was chosen. Vincent had previously been commissioned by us to paint the Royal Automobile Club’s Art Deco swimming pool and so he seemed a perfect fit for a 20th-century building portrait.  The resulting pastel work was a memento of the exchange between a reverend and an artist in the shadow of a modernist church. 

Peter Vincent PS, Let There Be Light - St Cuthbert's

An artwork commission is a personalised experience that is different for everyone, at Mall Galleries we employ Commission Consultants to guide you through the process of commissioning an artwork from choosing an artist to choosing an artwork that is suitable for your home or business.

If you would like to find out more information regarding commissioning an artwork or book a private consultation, click here.