The Pension Insurance Corporation commissioned an art collection for their offices around the theme of the penguin and using both emerging and specialist wildlife artists.

Project: Office-wide art collection, accompanying catalogue, opening event, commissions as corporate leaving gifts

Brief: All works of art were to take the company mascot, the penguin, as a strating point. This collection was to be commissioned from a mixture of members of the Society of Wildlife Artists and recently graduated emerging artists, with the former mentoring the latter in the principles of wildlife art. 

Services: Advisory, project management of commissions (including two research trips to London Zoo), artist liasion, logistics, catalogue design, framing, installation

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Eleanor Watson Captivating

Chris Rose SWLA Maccaronis

Dafila Scott SWLA  Adelie Penguin Rookery

Francisca Prieto  Between the Oceans

Dolores de Sade A Determined and Noble Creature Well Adapted to this Cruel and Ruthless Coast


Research Trips to London Zoo