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'Pieta' gouache and chalk work by Alexander Goudie


Alexander GoudieGouache and Chalk on Paper - 1995

'Crucifixion' gouache painting by Alexander Goudie


Alexander Goudie -

'Sea of Galilee' gouache painting by Lachlan Goudie

Sea of Galilee

Lachlan Goudie ROI - 2018

'Fire Escape, New York' watercolour painting by James Cowan

Fire Escape, New York

James Cowan - 2017

'New York Fire Escape with white ladder' watercolour painting by James Cowan

New York Fire Escape with White Ladder

James Cowan - 2017

'Toffee Apple' pastel work by Ian Rawling

Toffee Apple

Ian Rawling - 2017

'Fried Egg' pastel work by Ian Rawling

Fried Egg

Ian Rawling - 2016

'Tomato Ketchup Bottle' pastel work by Ian Rawling

Tomato Ketchup Bottle

Ian Rawling - 2018

'Angle of Incidence' oil painting by Carole Griffin

Angle of Incidence

Carole Griffin RBA - 2014

'3 Quinces' by Karen Stone

3 Quinces

Karen Stone - 2017

'Rye Harbour No. 8' acrylic painting by Robert Cunnew

Rye Harbour No. 8

Robert Cunnew HH - 2017

'Standoff at Cliffe' oil painting by Robert Cunnew

Standoff at Cliffe

Robert Cunnew HH - 2015

'Sage' oil painting by Rachel Arif


Rachel Arif - 2018

'The New Romantics' oil painting by Rachel Arif

The New Romantics

Rachel Arif - 2018

'Tempo' oil painting by Rachel Arif


Rachel Arif - 2018

'Blood orange sky, Sunset, Venice' oil painting by David Sawyer

Blood orange sky, Sunset, Venice

David Sawyer RBA - 2015


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