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"Red Room" Oil on Linen by Roxana Halls

Red Room

Roxana Halls - 2012

"Blue Room" Oil on Linen by Roxana Halls

Blue Room

Roxana Halls - 2012

'Girl in the Hat' by Ania Hobson

Girl in the Hat

Ania Hobson - 2018

"The Author" Oil on Canvas Board by Eve Pettitt

The Author

Eve Pettitt - 2016

"Three Apples" Oil on Canvas be Eve Pettitt

Three Apples

Eve Pettitt - 2018

"Turquoise Thoughts" Oil on Canvas by Eve Pettitt

Turquoise Thoughts

Eve Pettitt - 2018

"Orange Harlequin" Oil on Canvas by Eve Pettitt

Orange Harlequin

Eve Pettitt - 2017

"Colourfield" Oil on Canvas by Eve Pettitt


Eve Pettitt - 2018

"Sky View with St James" Oil on Linen by Philip James

Sky View with St Pauls

Philip James ROI - 2018

"Slider" Abstract Oil on Canvas by Peggy Cozzi


Peggy Cozzi - 2018


Catching the Light

Nicholas St John Rosse RSMA - 2018

'Night Bloom' abstract oil and acrylic painting by Peggy Cozzi

Night Bloom

Peggy Cozzi - 2018

'Bloom' abstract oil painting by Peggy Cozzi


Peggy Cozzi - 2017

'Before the Race' oil painting by Martin Swan

Before the Race

Martin Swan RSMA - 2018

'Cockerel and Hens' oil painting by Frances Bell

Cockerel and Hens

Frances Bell RP - 2017

'Sam' oil painting by Bernadett Timko


Bernadett Timko - 2018


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