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Flora and Fauna are terms derived from Roman deities. Flora was the goddess of flowers and plants and Fauna the being that nurtured the living world. Today we understand flora and fauna as plant and animal life, making up a delicate eco-system.  This selection is a celebration of our natural world...

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Robert Ware - 2020

WEB Haidee-Jo Summers - Walled Garden.jpg

Walled Garden

Haidee-Jo Summers ROI RSMA - 2018

WEB David Caldwell - Roses.jpg


David Caldwell RP - 2019

WEB Max Angus - The Red List - Willow Tits.jpg

The Red List - Willow Tits

Max Angus SWLA - 2019

WEB Max Angus - Just Waiting.jpg

Just Waiting

Max Angus SWLA - 2017

WEB Max Angus - A Song For Two.jpg

A Song for Two

Max Angus SWLA - 2014

WEB Max Angus - Bullfinches.jpg


Max Angus SWLA - 2018

WEB Max Angus - Seapie And The Retreating Tide.jpg

Seapie and the Retreating Tide

Max Angus SWLA - 2019

WEB Simon Turvey - Pine Marten.jpg

Pine Marten

Simon Turvey SWLA - 2019

WEB Simon Turvey - Badger.jpg


Simon Turvey SWLA - 2020

WEB Philip James - Flowering Garden Funchal.jpg

Flowering Garden Funchal

Philip James ROI - 2019


The Pink House Kfar Hannasi Israel

Naomi Alexander ROI - 2016


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Simon Turvey SWLA - 2019


Cirl Bunting

Simon Turvey SWLA - 2019


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