The Rome Scholarship (RBA)

A prestigious scholarship awarded to a young artist, which will offer an enriching learning experience as well as improving their profile as an emerging artist

The Royal Society of British Artists is able to offer this major scholarship as a result of a generous bequest from the late Mr G H Benn in memory of his late wife Marianne Von Werther, a former member of the RBA.

This competition is open to artists who live, work or study in the UK and who are aged 35 years or under and the Scholarship is for the month of September.

The Award offers:

  • Four weeks at Sala Uno, a highly prestigious gallery and international arts centre in the heart of Rome

  • Accommodation in a self-contained apartment, situated within a wonderful and extensive walled garden in the grounds of the gallery

  • Studio space which will be available within the gallery

  • Two meals per day, provided at a nearby restaurant

  • Return flights to Rome

  • £600 prize money

Conditions for entry:

  • Deadline for entries: To Be Announced
  • The applicant’s work needs to be figurative

  • The work may be painting, drawing, printmaking or sculpture

  • Six images of recent work to be provided together with a completed application form, see below

  • An administration fee of £10 is required with the application

Further Awards:

Twenty semi-finalists selected from the entries will have a work shown in the RBA RISING STARS Exhibition.  This will take place at the Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair, Central London.

From these twenty semi-finalists, three finalists will then be invited to an interview.  


  • Semi-finalists are responsible for the delivery and collection of their own works
  • It is suggested that large scale works be accompanied by smaller works as, if the artist is chosen as a semi-finalist or finalist, exhibition space will be limited and this may influence selection
  • It may be helpful for the 3 finalists to bring with them for interview any sketchbooks or journals which show their exploration of techniques or development of their ideas

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The Royal Society of British Artists would like to thank the following for their additional sponsorship of the Rome Scholarship: 

The Royal Over-Seas League, Mr Wei Shao FRBA (RBA Patron), and Liam Culver FRBA (Web Designer).