Awards of up to £750 each are open to any artist (16 and over) to enable them to develop their skills through mounting a special project, putting forward a proposal for an expedition or help with education

In the last twenty years SWLA Bursaries have supported many varied projects:

  • A bursary enabled Vicky White to travel to Gibraltar to study and raise awareness of the Barbary macaques as part of her MA course at the Royal College of Art
  • Stephanie Black aimed, for the sake of wildlife and the environment, to influence consumers to recycle more and to refuse supermarket plastic bags, by producing free cotton bags with seabird designs
  • Christopher Wallbank used his bursary to produce the Unbound Amazonia Field Guide of local flora and fauna for use at the Manu Biosphere Reserve of Eastern Peru
  • Celia Smith, winner of the former WWT bursary, set up a display of her wire sculptures of wading birds and waterfowl at the Annual Exhibition.

Examples of the work bursary winners produce are displayed during the SWLA Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries.

Several award winners have gone on to become members of the SWLA and are consequently able to play an active part in the future direction and charitable projects the Society pursues.

Deadline: 30 September 2018.

To submit, please visit the SWLA website.