Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Society of Marine Artists since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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The Artist Magazine Award

2014: Douglas Gray RSMA, Cromer Point

2015: Jamel Akib, Pull 2

2016: James Bartholomew RSMA

2017: Natalia Avdeeva ROI

2018: Pete Nance

2019: Brian Fleming ARSMA

2020: Gareth Brown RSMA, Sea Flora V

2021: Lucy Clayton, Spidercrab No. 9


The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award

2013: Michael Sole, Burton Bradstock No. 6


Baltic Exchange Award

2018: David Atkins, The Sea at Portland Bill

2019: Matthew Draper PS, Nocturne with a Polluted Light (Part VI)

2020: John Walsom ARSMA ROI, Mylor Yacht Harbour, Low Tide

2021: William Carney ROI, Britannia, Pool of London


The Charles Pears Award

2013: Deborah Walker RI, North Easterly; Farne Islands

2014: Jamel Akib, Pull

2015: Tony Williams, Ship with Moon

2016: Matthew Draper PS, Nocturne with Reflections, Falmouth Harbour

2017: David Hawthorne, Low Tide

2018: Pete Nance, Reflections, Polperro Harbour

2019: Tony Allain PS, Low Water, Porthleven

2020: Srirangam Mohankumar, Reflections, Pin Mill

2021: Frances Bell RP, Howick 


The Classic Boat Award

2013: Brian J Jones, Shamrock Powering to Windward

2014: Brian J Jones, Lulworth, Mariquita and Moonbeam

2015: Sheena Bevis-White, Juno

2016: Geoff Hunt PPRSMA

2017: J F Morgan RSMA

2018: Maarten Platje, Racing in the Solent 1926

2019: Tim Hall RSMA, Butterfly, Rose of Argyll, Mousehole

2020: Kevin Clarkson, A Breeze on the Blackwater

2021: J F Morgan RSMA, A Freshening Wind - Victorian Yachts


The Conway Maritime Press Award

2013: David Howell RSMA, Rain and Barges, Pin Mill


The Derek Gardner ‘Sea & Sky’ Award

2013: Martin Swan RSMA, Passing the Needles, Monday 8th August 1927

2014: Robert Grimson, The Kathleen & May in Mounts Bay

2015: James Williams, Into the Light

2016: J F Morgan RSMA, The Dawn Haul

2017: John Lines RSMA RBSA, Helping Hand

2018: Maarten Platje, The Clippership Sir Lancelot passing South F 

2019: Geoffrey Huband RSMA, Chimera


The Kenneth Denton Award

2018: James Bartholomew RSMA, Atlantic Blue 4 

2019: Deborah Walker RSMA RI, Sunlight and Shadows

2020: James Bartholomew RSMA, Sun on the Solent

2021: Mark Myers PPRSMA, The "Billy Ruffian" Running in a Blow


Murray's Commercial Fishing Award

2019: Neil Faulkner RSMA, Offloading, Tenby Harbour

2020: Jenny Morgan RSMA, Hauling the Trawl - Sidewinder Trawlers (First Prize); Alistair Butt RSMA, Banding the Lobsters (Second Prize) 

2021: Henrietta Graham, Twilight Sardine Landing (First Prize); Alistair Butt RSMA, Between Shell Fishing Trips - Brancaster Staithe (Second Prize)


The R K Burt Paper Prize

2013: David Allen RSMA, Sunny Day on The Zattere

2014: John Lines RSMA, River Tees Departure

2015: Margaret Heath RSMA, Winter Sunrise, Lymington Quay

2016: Wendy Borello RSMA

2017: Deborah Walker ARSMA RI, After Silence

2018: Peter Cronin RSMA, Morning Sun

2019: Brian Smith, Unloading


RSMA Award for the Best Small Painting

2019: Benjamin Mowll PRSMA, Dawn Light, Venice

2020: John Lines RSMA, Waiting

2021: Tom Marsh, RX56 and Friends, Hastings, Sussex


The RSMA 35 or Under Award

2016: Natalia Avdeeva ROI, Warm Sands

2017: Natalia Kuptsova, Arrival


The RSMA New Generation Award

2018: Frances Bell RP, Bamburgh Cattle in the Snow

2019: Andrzej Szymczyk, Large Seahorse

2020: Gregory Smith

2021: Ollie Tuck, Fresh from the Fishmongers


The Russell & Chapple Prize

2013: Douglas Gray RSMA, Leaving Scarborough

2014: Keith Noble RSMA, Sunset, Rye Harbour

2015: John Lines RSMA, Brisk Day Departure

2016: Bruce Williams, Clouds over the Swale

2017: Alice White, Enteroctopus Dofleini, oil and ink

2018: Claire Paul, Sea near Cancale 

2019: Claire Wiltsher, Time Collector VI


The Sea Pictures Gallery Award

2013: Tim Hall, Maritime Festival, Mousehole

2014: Brian A Collins, Sea Trials II

2015: David Nixon, Highrise

2016: Brian Smith, Fighting the Elements

2017: Martin Swan VPRSMA, St Helens Fort

2018: Henrietta Graham, Newlyn Fish Market

2019: Simon Conolly, A Day at the Seaside


The Topbond Marine Award

2016: Mick Dean, Under the Wharf

2017: Tony Feld, Offshore

2018: Tony Feld, Portslade Dock Crane

2019: Tony Williams ARSMA, Swinging a Plate

2020: John Maule-ffinch, The Old Cranes at Bristol Docks

2021: Robert Brindley RSMA, Hazy Light, Fisher Fleet, Kings Lynn


The Winsor & Newton Oil Prize

2013: Rowena Wright RSMA, Gurnard Cardinal Mark

2014: Tony Feld, Fishing Floats – Staithes

2015: Bruce Williams, Breakwater and Neptune

2016: Charles Inge, Tethered Beach Hut

2017: Gillian Roberts, Staithes Roofs

2018: Lucinda Storm, Storm Ahead, Polzeath Beach, Cornwall

2019: Tom Marsh, Early Morning - Hastings Fishing Fleet 

2020: Richard Dack RSMA RWA, Hebridean Recollections 

2021: Gareth Brown RSMA, Harbour Reflections II