During our exhibitions, Mall Galleries arrange for artists to give live demonstrations. Artists offer their advice on best practices for how budding artists can improve their technique will explaining their process and method of working.

Nick Tidnam PRBA | Looking at Figures in the Landscape

Nick Tidnam, President of the Royal Society of British Artists, will lead a demonstration, “Looking at Figures in the Landscape”

Carole Griffin RBA | Working in watercolour on a still life

Carole Griffin RBA NEAC will perform a demonstration on the subject, “Working in watercolour on a still life”.

David Brammeld RBA PS | Graphite Drawing Demonstration

David Brammeld RBA PS will perform one of his popular graphite drawing demonstrations in the Main Gallery on the subject, “Expressive Landscape - the Beauty of Trees”.

Catherine Beal ASWA working in the gallery

Catherine Beal ASWA will be demonstrating her watercolour technique in the gallery and answering questions

Stephie Butler SWA working in the gallery

Stephie Butler SWA will be demonstrating one of her portrait painting techniques in the gallery and answering questions.