Artist demonstration

During our exhibitions, Mall Galleries arrange for artists to give live demonstrations. Artists offer their advice on best practices for how budding artists can improve their technique will explaining their process and method of working.

Dani Humberstone VPSWA

Demonstration of traditional glazing techniques

Hazel Reeves MRBS SWA

Demonstrating sculpting a portrait in clay

Search Press Demo Day

Glimpse the working methods of some of our favourite contemporary artist authors at our Search Press Demo Day


Portrait Demonstration by Tom Coates Hon PS PPNEAC PPRBA RP

Anastasia Pollard RP

Anastasia Pollard RP will be demonstrating her portrait painting techniques in the gallery.

David Newens Assoc RP

Portrait Demonstration by David Newens Assoc RP

Simon Davis VPRP

Portrait Demonstration by Simon Davis VPRP

Sam Dalby RP

Portrait Demonstration by Sam Dalby RP

David A Parfitt RI

David A Parfitt RI will be showing his sketchbooks