Virtual Authenticity

How an artist can effectively tell their truth in a social media world with Adébayo Bolaji

Artist Spotlight: Paul Gildea NEAC

Join member Paul Gildea NEAC beside his painting Pushing to hear about the thinking behind the work and the artist’s process.

From Artwashing to Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

How artists can avoid artwashing whilst still developing mutually beneficial relationships with property developers with Dr Stephen Pritchard

Panel Discussion: Waste Ground

Artists discuss what makes urban waste ground such an interesting and inspiring place for many artists

Robert E Wells RBA NEAC | The Power of the Sketchbook

Robert E Wells RBA NEAC will deliver a talk on “The Power of the Sketchbook”, examining its use as part of the creative process.

Austin Cole RBA | Printing Alexandra Palace

Austin Cole RBA will deliver a talk, “Printing Alexandra Palace”, following the progress of a print from idea to fruition.

Are Life Models Artists? Talk by Dominic Blake

"Every day, I challenge myself to create poses that might be the catalyst for new and interesting artistic idea"

Painting, photography and the pursuit of likeness

A conversation between painter Michael Taylor RP and photographer Alistair Morrison about their collaborative project

Lillie Langtry, Model and Muse

A panel discussion about G F Watts’ portrait of Lillie Langtry, on loan to the RP Annual Exhibition

David Cobley: All By Himself

David Cobley RP NEAC in conversation with critic and art historian Peter Davies