Special event

During our exhibitions, Mall Galleries or the Exhibition Organiser will organise a programme of events to accompany the exhibition. These might include special talks, lectures, tours of the exhibition or artist demonstration. 

Drawing Session: Self Portrait

Self Isolation? Self Portrait! #MallGalleriesDrawsOursleves

Meet the Artists

Members of The Pastel Society will be on hand to talk to visitors throughout the exhibition; why not say hello?

2020: Creating Your Year Vision (and Beyond)

Do you know what ‘success’ means to you in your artistic career, or are you working to someone else’s definition? Are you choosing where you will be in 5 years or allowing yourself to drift and hope for the best?

What’s the relevance of the gallery model in the 2020s?

A talk by art world veteran Susan J Mumford on the evolving artist-gallery landscape (and what this means for you).

Art Event Evening by The Pastel Society

Paint or draw alongside members of The Pastel Society with models, music and wine.

The Memory Tour

A group of artists take us on a tour of FBA Futures 2020, focussing on how their practice relates to the theme of memory.

Finding Your Collective Voice

As an emerging artist, finding a group of like-minded creatives can be a key part of regularly featuring in exhibitions.

A Field Guide to Residencies

Aindrea Emelife, Tim Ralston and Ella Walker will discuss their experiences with artist residency programmes.