Mall Galleries workshops featuring some of the best-loved Federation of British Artists members. We keep our classes small so that we can welcome both beginners and more experienced artists in the same workshop.

Search Press Demo Day 2019

Join us in watching your favourite artists doing what they do best!

Sandrine Maugy SBA: Painting Fruit

From botanists recording varieties in local orchards to explorers illustrating their faraway discoveries, fruit has been a time-honoured subject of botanical art.

Rachel Jones: Make a Ring in a Day

Learn how to make your own silver ring in just a day with the help of jeweller Rachel Jones.

Alternative Life Drawing: Moving from Observation to Abstraction

With nearly a decade of experience cultivating his unique approach to teaching drawing, join Dan Whiteson for an evening of life drawing like no other.

Ros Franklin SBA: Painting Botanical Treasures on Vellum

The workshops will start by looking at the different techniques and styles of painting on vellum.

Tim Benson PROI NEAC: Portrait Painting

This short course will teach how to paint dynamic portraits in oil.

Julia Trickey SBA: An Introduction to Botanical Art

This workshop introduces the techniques and processes used to create accurate botanical drawings.

David Brammeld PS RBA: Graphite Treescapes Workshop

We will focus on practising and developing a range of techniques. The emphasis will be on working expressively.