Workshop Week

Search Press Demo Day 2019

Join us in watching your favourite artists doing what they do best!

Sandrine Maugy SBA: Painting Fruit

From botanists recording varieties in local orchards to explorers illustrating their faraway discoveries, fruit has been a time-honoured subject of botanical art.

Rachel Jones: Make a Ring in a Day

Learn how to make your own silver ring in just a day with the help of jeweller Rachel Jones.

Alternative Life Drawing: Moving from Observation to Abstraction

With nearly a decade of experience cultivating his unique approach to teaching drawing, join Dan Whiteson for an evening of life drawing like no other.

Ros Franklin SBA: Painting Botanical Treasures on Vellum

The workshops will start by looking at the different techniques and styles of painting on vellum.

Tim Benson PROI NEAC: Portrait Painting

This short course will teach how to paint dynamic portraits in oil.

Julia Trickey SBA: An Introduction to Botanical Art

This workshop introduces the techniques and processes used to create accurate botanical drawings.

David Brammeld PS RBA: Graphite Treescapes Workshop

We will focus on practising and developing a range of techniques. The emphasis will be on working expressively.