Make a splash with art across your office

There are many ways to put art on your office walls. Curating your art collection around an office-wide theme illustrates your identity as an organisation and brings consistency to your office design. Commissioning a statement piece makes your office or boardroom stand out the minute your clients walk through the door.

Our art consultants guide you through the process of :

  • Curating your office art around the values of your company
  • Sourcing and commissioning art relating to the industry you operate in
  • Helping you to build a collection through interaction with our gallery, from exhibition and prize sponsorship to our art rental scheme


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Between Folds, Oceans by Francisca Preito

Office-wide Art Collection Curated to a Theme

The Pension Insurance Corporation commission a collection focussing on penguins and conservation by emerging and established artists

Green Art Commissions

Green art commissions for green businesses

Adam Binder, Sea Lion

Bird and Wildlife Commissions

Wildlife art to match your company logo

Ship Portraits for Boardrooms

Marine art to reflect shipping and naval industries

The Violet Hour by Caroline Walker

Art Rental

Our London-based loan scheme

Lambeth Bridge by David Walker Interior Design Collaborations

Art Consultancy Enquiry

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