From Artwashing to Mutually Beneficial Cooperation


Artists have increasingly been used by developers and councils to artwash gentrification, thereby providing a glossy, creative façade that exploits artists and gives art a bad name.

Find out how this happens and how artists can collectively work within development processes in ways that promote positive partnerships at this workshop led by Dr Stephen Pritchard.

Dr Stephen Pritchard is an independent academic, art historian, critical theorist, activist, writer, curator and community artist. He is a specialist in understanding artwashing and the role of art within regeneration and gentrification processes. His interdisciplinary approach to research is grounded in post-critical ethnography, radical art history, Frankfurt School Critical Theory and Critical Urban Theory. He has presented papers internationally, lectures widely and his writing has been widely published. He is a co-organiser for the Movement for Cultural Democracy and co-founder of Art Not Arms, Artists Against Social Cleansing and the Socially Engaged and Participatory Arts Network. He is also currently working as a critical friend for Super Slow Way – a Creative People and Places project and as lead artist on a project in ‘Category D’ pit villages in North East England for Northern Heartlands Great Place project.

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Image: Ana Schmidt Traces on the Territory (detail)