Commissioning Conversation: Architecture

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Join us for tea, cake and a talk about artist’s interpretations of buildings, spaces, places and homes.

Somewhere between story-telling and discussion Commissioning Conversation is a series of themed talks aiming to demystify the commissioning process.

Commissions Consultant Anna Bromwich will be talking about a past project with the Royal Automobile Club in which 15 artists from Royal Academician Ken Howard to member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Robbie Wraith were commissioned to paint the interior and exterior of the famous turn of the century club on Pall Mall.

Toby Ward will also be discussing documenting the St-Martin-in-the-Fields renovation, across Trafalgar Square from the gallery, being artist in residence at Westminster Abbey and inventing town-scapes through which a cycle race roars.  Fellow New English Art Club member Melissa Scott-Miller will be sharing her stories of depicting London’s houses, rooftops, streets and squares for their residents, giving anyone who ever considered having a house portrait painted food for thought.

Join us for tea and cake at 14.45pm before the talk starts and have time to view the exhibition afterwards.

Peter Vincent, Reflected Grandeur


Melissa Scott-Miller, View of Westminster

The Grand Gallery II by Robbie Wraith, RAC commission

St-Martins-in-the-Fields Renewal by Toby Ward NEAC

The Club Room by Toby Wiggins