Commissioning Conversation: Context

EVENT LISTINGS2 LORENZO oil on canvas on board 50 x 40 cm-Miriam Escofet.jpg

The second in this series of events exploring the hows and whys of commissioning artwork, Commissioning Conversation: Context is set against the backdrop of this year's Columbia Threadneedle Prize.

Join us for tea, scones and a talk about commissioning art led by Mall Galleries Commissions Consultants.

Artists Yuki Aruga, Miriam Escofet and Eleanor Watson will be telling us about some of their past painting commissions and the contexts they were born out of, whilst Commissions Consultant Anna Bromwich will be speaking about how to develop a brief to commission a work of art.

Miriam Escofet of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters tells us about portraiture over a life span, from a child’s portrait integrating toy dragons and superhero wallpaper to the posthumous portrait she is working on at the moment.

Anyone who has ever considered having a portrait of their home painted will be interested in Eleanor Watson’s touching commission responding to the interior of a Soho townhouse her clients were soon to move from.  

Yuki Aruga walks us through a symbolist floral painting commissioned to  simultaneously commemorate a new home, the beginning of motherhood and a goodbye to a grandparent.


Watch the video from the last Commissioning Conversation event with artists Geoff Hunt PPRSMA, Dolores de Sade and Jeff Stultens RP.


Eleanor Watson, Fragment

Yuki Aruga, Amaranthine

Miriam Escofet, Layout in graphite for Lorenzo