Commissioning Conversation: Maritime

Sea Witch by Geoff Hunt.jpg

Hong Kong Harbour, 1849 by Geoff Hunt PPRSMA


Geoff Hunt PPRMSA, Dolores de Sade and Jeff Stultiens RP discuss their most recent commissions connected to the sea. From Hong Kong’s 19th century Harbour to the discovery of penguins, passing by naval portraits we explore trade, exploration, defence and politics through the dynamics of commissioned artwork.

Somewhere between story-telling and discussion Commissioning Conversations is a series of events exploring the possibilities of commissioning as a dialogue between artist and client.



Geoff Hunt PPRSMA

Geoff Hunt will be talking to us about his recent commission for the American Club Hong Kong in which he painted the island's 19th century harbour dominated by the clipper Sea Witch, one of the fastest ships to carry high-value cargo such as tea and porceline from Hong Kong to New York. We'll be looking at the histories of international trade and ship designthrough the prism of this commissioned work.

Jeff Stultiens RP

Jeff Stultiens RP will be discussing painting the Royal Navy including, from activities to personnel. Stultiens will also be discussing his portraits of Coastguards of Fowey, Cornwall. From defence to rescue we talk about protraiture and marine professions.

Dolores de Sade

Columbia-Threadneedle Prize exhibitor Dolores de Sade will be discussing her practice in the context of her 2014 commission for the Pension Insurance Company which revolved around penguins. De Sade's research into the discovery of the Humboldt penguin by Alexander von Humboldt in the 18th century exposes themes of maritime discovery, navigation and scientific research.


Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, C-in-C Fleet, watching a Naval Task Group exercise from the flagship, HMS Ark Royal and The Lifeboatmen of Fowey by Jeff Stultiens RP




I have sent back some specimens from which you may learn something of the nature and personality of these inquisitive creatures by Dolores de Sade