Commissioning Conversation: Society


How does commissioned artwork reflect the world we live in?


This talk, set against the backdrop of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, will explore notions of society in commissioned contemporary art and portraiture.

Join us in addressing issues of LGBT identity and visibility in portraiture as 2013 Bulldog Bursary winner Sarah Jane Moon discusses her most recent portrait commissions of LGBT couples.

Hear about commissioned art that emerged from visits to warzones, refugee camps and historical sites with Charlie Calder-Potts as she talks about her most exciting projects in the Middle East and the clients who left her to interpret what she saw.

Finally understand the practicalities of commissioning portraiture with Royal Society of Portrait Painters consultant Annabel Elton who, with 30 years of experience, will draw us into the historical process of recording figures within our society.



Charlie Calder-Potts Of Men and of Angels

Header Image:  Sarah Jane Moon Harriet & Anoushka