Daniel Shadbolt NEAC: Painting the Life Model in Oils


Workshop Description

Encouraging the fluidity of the medium, this one day course in oil painting uses the female figure as a starting point to build an image in oil colours. Emphasis will be on paint handling and a demonstration will be given to provide a suggestion for a way of working. Colour theory will be discussed in connection with painting the human figure. Assistance will be given in attempting to understand and navigate the importance of instinct in decision making, in relation to painting from life.

Required Materials

  • Small sketchbook and pencils for initial studies.
  • Stretched canvas/canvas board - ideally this would be prepared with a light mid-tone neutral coloured 'ground' (for one day, up to 2 feet long should be sufficient, and smaller may be preferable).
  • Transportation of wet oil paintings requires a bit of forethought and preparation!
  • One way is to bring 2 canvases that you can sandwich together with wedges in between, so as to protect the surface.
  • Low odour solvents, Linseed oil (optional)
  • Palette / dipper/ glass jar with lid.
  • Brushes - to your choosing, I like a combination of hogs, synthetics and sables.
  • Palette knife, Rags/kitchen towel.
  • Oil colours: minimum of titanium white, cadmium yellow pale, alizarin crimson, cobalt blue and ivory black. Optional additional colours (not essential, and can be expensive!): Yellow ochre, Cadmium yellow (deep), Indian yellow, An 'earth' red such as Indian, light, English, Venetian or burnt sienna, Cadmium Red, Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Emerald green, Raw umber, Raw sienna."

Course led by Daniel Shadbolt NEAC