David Brammeld PS RBA: Graphite Treescapes Workshop


Workshop Description

We will focus on practising and developing a range of techniques. The emphasis will be on working expressively. It is important when working with graphite to be able to manipulate and remove it to create texture and effects. So erasers are just as important as pencils and graphite sticks. We will produce studies and compositional sketches eventually leading to the development of a more considered piece(s).

Derwent are kindly providing a number of tins of their Highly Lightfast Drawing Pencils for participants to draw with - the tins feature one of David's drawings of trees on the lid. 

Required Materials


  • A few sheets of good quality cartridge paper at A3/A2 size according to preference
  • Plus a sketchbook of similar quality for prep work (or loose sheets)
  • David will use a heavyweight A1 size 220-280gsm white cartridge


  • A selection of graphite pencils: at least a 2B and 6B.
  • Graphite sticks (like pencils): 2B and 6B.
  • Graphite sticks - the smaller ones are Derwent - they come in soft/medium/hard. David likes the soft ones.
  • Larger, chunkier graphite sticks (not essential).


  • Soft putty rubber.
  • Hard erasers. A selection that can be cut.
  • Battery eraser - very useful for lifting out fine marks. - Seen in the photo below are Derwent and Jakar.
  • Fine erasers that work like a technical pencil - ones shown are Tombow.

Pencil sharpeners/craft knife.

For development:

  • Derwent XL Tinted Graphite, they are really subtle colours. They are also sold separately and last very well.
  • A few appropriate coloured pencils.

For hands:

  • Baby wipes
  • Kitchen roll


Artists are welcome to work from their own images. Otherwise, David will have a selection that people can work from.