Developing a portrait in oil or acrylic


Day one will start with some short poses ranging from five minutes to twenty minutes in duration, which will last for about an hour. The students will use charcoal and pencil for these studies. After this we will settle down for the long portrait pose which will carry on into the second day, and the rest of day one will be devoted to developing the composition and beginning to block in the painting.

Day two will be an opportunity to develop the portrait more fully in terms of understanding and refining the tonal and colour variations found in portrait painting, and also using the mark making to suggest form. At the end of the day there will be a short critical evaluation of the work.

Led by Antony Williams NEAC PS RP

The materials the students will need are: pencils, charcoal, cartridge paper /sketchbook, oil paints or acrylics, brushes, sansadour or equivalent, canvas or canvas panels.

Please consider how you will transport your wet painting.