Elaine Searle SBA: Dark Secrets: creating rich and interesting dark botanicals


Workshop Description

Darks don’t have to mean dull! Enliven your darks so that they glow with vibrant ‘hidden’ colour. Using both wet in damp and dry brush techniques Elaine Searle will share her approach using seasonal specimens. A limited palette of Daniel Smith watercolours will be provided for you to work with.

Required Materials

  • 2 x pieces of 300gsm Hot Pressed Watercolour paper (approx A4 size)
  • A piece of thick foam board to form a drawing board
  • Small LED torch (essential)
  • Mixing palette with wells
  • Small flat china plate
  • Watercolour brushes with fine points 1 x size 4 and 1 x 0
  • Soft cloth or paper towel for wiping brushes
  • Water Pot
  • Small Plastic ruler or dividers for measuring
  • 0.3 technical pencil with HB lead
  • Eraser

Workshop led by Elaine Searle SBA