The History of Watercolour Painting (42,016 years in 30 minutes)


The President of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Andy Wood RI RBA, will be giving a talk entitled “The History of Watercolour Painting (42,016 years in 30 minutes)”, giving a whistle-stop tour of this ancient medium.

As he says: “Painting using water-based materials has stood the test of time, from cave painting through its long history of illuminated manuscripts and miniatures to its present use as a mature, independent painting medium. It not only has longevity but it is also constantly evolving. The twentieth century saw major changes in paint and paper technology, the development of which continues into this century. With research into more robust, lightfast pigments and mediums including new colours, additives and the refining and improvement of watercolour papers - making water-based painting not only one of the most exciting and challenging but also one of the most stable and permanent of mediums in the artist’s armoury.”