Inside the Artist’s Studio



Members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters offer a rare glimpse into their studios.

Visit here to see inside the studios of:

David Curtis ROI VPRSMA, member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and Vice President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

David's paintings are based on careful pictorial judgements and an acute awareness of the role light plays in the development of atmosphere and visual drama. His highly structured sense of composition, his painterly and imaginative approach all combine to produce pictures which are incisive, dramatic and visually hypnotic.


Tim Benson PROI NEAC RP, President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and member of the New English Art Club and Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Educated at Glasgow School of Art and Byam Shaw School of Art, Tim has received recognition with his election as President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. As a practised figurative artist Tim not only creates a distinguishable likeness of a subject but moreover evokes the sitter’s character and mood. He is never satisfied with simple representation, rather concentrating on bringing to his work an emotive and often visceral quality.


Adebanji Alade VPROI, Vice President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters

Adebanji's work is all about people and places. He strives to bring the force and power of the sketch into every piece he embarks on. Adebanji is a strong believer in sketching and he believes everything in art starts with a sketch, so, in his work you'll always feel the power and sense of a captured moment. Adebanji works from life and from photo references but the mission is the same - to bring a lively sketchy feel to the completed piece.