Instinctive Drawing with Artist Lucy Savage and Ballerina Miriam Pierzak


Join HH Bursary Recipient Lucy Savage and ballerina Miriam Pierzak for a glimpse of their collaborative practice. Get inspired by Lucy’s instinctive mark making approach and capture Miriam in energetic poses.  Follow Lucy’s example of ‘disconnecting from the world around us as well as our constant thoughts, trust your instincts and act in the moment'.

Please note that the majority of this event will be floor-based. There will be a limited amount of chairs and boards available.

Miriam and Lucy have been working together in Lucy's studio to create an in-depth study of ballerina drawings. Miriam's range of poses challenges Lucy's draughtsmanship in very exciting ways. 

Ballet requires strength, poise and grace which Lucy tries to capture while drawing Miriam's posture, expression and muscle tension. Miriam has worked professionally for Wroclaw Opera House in Poland and now teaches at The Royal Ballet School. She also models professionally for various creative projects in music, art and film. Together, Miriam and Lucy have explored an extensive range of poses, from traditional ballet to contemporary dance. They collaborate on ideas for poses and costumes whilst pushing the boundaries of their respective skills. Lucy now teaches life drawing classes with Miriam at Webb Yates Engineers, a creative engineering practice where Lucy works.