Lots 5 with Luca Indraccolo

Luca Indraccolo, SMF-60-17-16-25.jpg


Join Luca Indraccolo for a guided tour of Lot 5's latest exhibition Ways of Seeing. It's a great chance to informally meet the artists and find out about their painting, drawings and prints first hand.

Luca says of himself and his work: "As an artist I strive to create paintings that communicate the character of my birthplace: Naples, Italy. I want people to see this complex city through my eyes. Each painting tells a subtle and different story of local culture or personal experiences through my own distorted memories.

My medium of choice is oil paint. I enjoy the contrast of using a traditional medium to create contemporary works, reflective of the ancient culture that is still a vital part of this modern city. I endeavor with every brush stroke not only to represent an image, but also to capture Naples’ grit through the texture of the paint itself. The imagery is deliberately cinematic as I try to tell a story with one single image."