The Memory Tour


A group of artists take us on a tour of FBA Futures 2020, focussing on how their practice relates to the theme of memory. Hear from a diverse range of practitioners who use memory as a site of personal, cultural, collective or digital investigation; from Eleanor Watson who confronts nostalgia in relation to British history, to Madelynn Mae Green whose painting drawn from archival footage of a 1980s rave is part of a wider exploration politics of ‘documented’ memory.

Tobi Alexandra Falade, Da Hyoung Choi, Eleanor Watson, Helen Ireland, Madelynn Green, Seungwon Jung and Osaretin Ugiabe are all emerging artists featured in FBA Futures 2020. Each a rising star in their own right, this selection of artists will provide a unique insight into their work seen through the prism of memory.

This event is part of a series running alongside the exhibition FBA Futures 2020