RSPB Wallasea Island Reserve Artist Residency

Nik Pollard.jpeg


SWLA artist Brin Edwards and Jeff Kew, Operations Manager Eastern Region RSPB will be giving an illustrated talk about the third SWLA/RSPB collaborative artist residency project at the Wallasea Island Reserve, which took place in October 2016.

Six artists spent three days on the site observing and drawing wildlife in the newly landscaped habitat at this major new Essex reserve. The aim of the Wallasea Island Reserve is to combat the threats from climate change and coastal flooding by recreating the ancient wetland landscape of mudflats and saltmarsh, lagoons and pasture. It will also help to compensate for the loss of such tidal habitats elsewhere in England. 

The artists involved are: Kittie Jones SWLA, Brin Edwards SWLA, Ben Woodhams SWLA, Richard Allen ASWLA, Nik Pollard SWLA, Greg Poole SWLA

A selection of the resulting work is on show at The Natural Eye, the Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition.