Sandrine Maugy SBA: Painting Fruit


Workshop Description

From botanists recording varieties in local orchards to explorers illustrating their faraway discoveries, fruit has been a time-honoured subject of botanical art. In this masterclass, you will learn how to give them form using light and shadows and how to mix the right colours to make them glow.

You will also learn how to render the varied textures, from the thin satin skin of a pear to the leathery grain of a pomegranate. Insect damage and blemishes as a finishing touch will give your fruit portrait a personality of their own.

Sandrine will demonstrate techniques in sketching, composing a painting, colour-mixing, wet-in-wet watercolour, harmonic shadows and dry brush work for the details.

The day will consist of a series of demonstrations as well as one-to-one support and is suitable for all levels.

Required Materials

Watercolour paper, Hot Pressed or Cold Pressed, preferably heavy weight (425gms and over),

Watercolour brushes, preferably synthetics, in a range of sizes – for example 0, 2, 4 and 6

Artists’ Watercolour paints, in any colours you have

Drawing materials:

  • Pencil (HB or B)
  • Rubber
  • Cartridge paper
  • Tracing paper
  • TraceDown transfer paper in graphite
  • Water pot and palette
  • Cotton cloth

The tutor will provide subjects but if you wish to paint a particular piece or variety of fruit, you are welcome to bring them.

All the materials above (apart from the water pot and palette) will be available to buy from the tutor on the day (cash only).