Stewarts, Stags, 'Spooks' and Splendour: The Story of Scottish Art



Lachlan Goudie ROI has recorded a special video talk on the themes of his most recent book The Story of Scottish Art.

How Scotland has defined itself through its art over the past 5000 years, from the earliest enigmatic Neolithic symbols etched onto the landscape of Kilmartin Glen to Glasgow's fame as a centre of artistic innovation today. Lachlan Goudie brings his perspective and passion as a practising artist and broadcaster to narrate the joys and struggles of artists across the millennia striving to fulfil their vision and the dramatic transformations of Scottish society reflected in their art.

Join the Watch Party on Facebook, to watch along together at 1:30pm on Wednesday 23 September. (The video will remain available to watch afterwards)

Lachlan Goudie is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. His work encompasses a broad scope of subject matter, incorporating portraiture, still life and landscape painting. Lachlan is also a familiar face from his appearances on many BBC arts programmes. His father, Alexander Goudie RP, was a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and a portrait of Lachlan as a young boy, painted by his father will be on display as part of the Society's Annual Exhibition this September.