In the Studio Soundscapes: Drawing and Music Morning



Come and experience the In the Studio exhibition as a combination of experimental live music and action drawing. Musicians P J Ciarla, Lucas Polo and James Rose will create immersive soundscapes in response to the exhibition, while you capture them in action as part of a large floor drawing activity.

In the Studio is a programme at Mall Galleries inspired by the model of our Art Societies, which aims to equip emerging artists with the tools, ideas and experiences to form their own collaborative art group. With the idea of the artist’s studio as our starting point, we have invite young talent to explore diverse areas of the Federation of British Artists and Mall Galleries. From artists’ indoor studios and gallery spaces to outdoor locations and intangible spaces inspiring artistic practices.

Please note that the majority of this event will be floor-based. There will be a limited amount of chairs and boards available.

A bit more about the artists:

PJ Ciarla

PJ Ciarla is a drummer and percussionist who grew up in Italy where his musical talent was nurtured by his family and eventually by the Saint Louis College Of Music in Rome. He would later conclude his educational journey at The Institute Of Contemporary Music In London.

Lucas Polo

Since relocating from his native Spain in 2010 to live in London, Lucas Polo has become a sought after guitar player and performer due to his relentless energy, feel and stage presence. Always keen to explore new artistic avenues, Lucas has worked as a session player for names like Phil Manzanera, as a producer and sound engineer and as a music curator in festivals and London venues, as well as releasing original music under his own band, Beautiful Thing.

James Rose

Playing music since the age of 7, James picked up the Bass Guitar at 16 and never looked back. He has toured extensively around the UK and played in venues around Europe, the USA and Australia. Born and bred in London and working professionally as a Bass and Double Bass player, he enjoys new challenges and thrives working with diverse and creative people and audiences.

Lucas Polo and PJ Ciarla previously responded to artworks by Tina Jenkins and Mark Nader at one of the In the Studio visits earlier this year. You can read about it on our blog here.