Three Artists, One Theme

Across the field to Oare Creek square.jpg

Besides being an opportunity to meet the artists, three members of the Wapping Group of Artists will show how they tackle the same, typical subject in their own unique style and media.

The Artists are: 

John Killens - John works in Oil, Watercolour and Pastel according to subject and mood-he enjoys them all. He believes in painting a subject as it is, and doesn't make a conscious attempt to change the atmosphere of a painting. 

John Walsom ROI - "I’ve always been comfortable painting the built environment, and thanks to my years as a plein air painter I’m now able to add seascapes and rural images to my repertoire."

Derek Daniells - "I am looking to capture the light, atmosphere and mood of the day, by careful observation of tonal and colour relationships. I do not draw as such initially. I am trying to create a sort of chaos, which I then selectively organise or resolve as appropriate."