Virtual Authenticity


How an artist can effectively tell their truth in a social media world

Artist Adebayo Bolaji will be leading a unique workshop on the art of communication through social media. During this session, Adebayo will provide a unique insight into how he communicates his truth to an online audience, as well as how digital platforms such as Instagram can be used as an art form in themselves.

About the Speaker:

Adébayo Bolaji, is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, England. His background of film and theatre, both in acting and screenplay-writing, complements Bolaji’s exploration of newer media in the visual arts.

The subject of his paintings varies, from politics, society and history to a direct commentary on the state of the human condition, focusing on the ironic and bizarre aspects of everyday life.

At the centre of his practice is the dialogue of change and the focus of the individual within a connecting society, whether that be anthropological, religious, historical or popular culture.

This event is part of a series running alongside the exhibition FBA Futures 2020