What’s the relevance of the gallery model in the 2020s?


A talk by art world veteran Susan J Mumford on the evolving artist-gallery landscape (and what this means for you)

In year 2000, artists aspired to get picked up by galleries at degree shows. Fast forward twenty years later, and artists have their own websites, self represent at artist fairs and frequently pursue a combination of self-representation and collaboration with dealers/agents.

During this interactive talk, art world entrepreneur Susan J Mumford will present the up-to-date reality for artists and dealers alike and will facilitate a Q&A to answer your own burning questions.

Known for informing and inspiring action alike, you’re set to leave with new insight and a plan for moving forward your career in a swiftly shifting world.

This event is applicable for artists and dealers alike, with stage of career ranging from early to late mid-career. Bring your questions with you and pick Susan’s brain!

About Susan J Mumford

Susan J Mumford is an entrepreneur with art world expertise supporting a changing industry. Having arrived in the London art world in 2001 with an internship of her own devising, Susan opened a gallery in Soho in early 2006. In 2010 while steering a career in challenging post-credit crunch times, she founded the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD). Starting with a London group, the network now accepts members on a global basis and launched a New York chapter in May 2014.

Image Credit: Chris E King