Wildlife Trusts Undersea Artists Talk

HM Underwater byKR.jpg


Past winners of the Wildlife Trusts Undersea Art Award, Chris Rose SWLA and Harriet Mead PSWLA, will give an informal illustrated talk about their diving experiences.

First established in 2007 the Wildlife Trusts Undersea Art Award is a fantastic opportunity for an established artist to learn to dive and use their experiences and resulting art to publicise the plight of our marine habitats and the need for protected areas. The award is open to any artist with a passion for nature who wants to find out more about the astonishingly varied submerged landscapes around UK shores that are hidden beneath the waves. Chris Rose spent time exploring kelp beds off the Northumberland coast and Harriet Mead dived the chalk shoals in North Norfolk. This talk will give an insight into the challenges of drawing underwater and shows how they were inspired by the whole new world that they encountered.

This year's exhibtion includes the work of the 2016 Undersea Art Award Winner, Darren Woodhead SWLA, who invented his own equipment to enable him to use watercolours underwater.