10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

17 October 2016 to 22 October 2016
Threadneedle Space

Admission Free

 2016 marks 70 painting years for two internationally recognised artists Trevor Chamberlain and Bert Wright.  In 1946 Trevor at the age of 12 started taking a serious interest in art. That same year Bert sold his first painting at the age of 16. They are both dedicated traditional artists working mainly on location in many parts of the world.

Their work captures the many moods and light effects that nature has provided during their extensive travels. The exhibition will feature works in oils and watercolours spanning several decades and many continents; with paintings from travels to the Americas, Far East, Middle East, Europe as well as London and the Thames.

On location they frequently paint together and the majority of their work is usually achieved and completed on site. Enjoyment is reflected in their outstanding work and we hope that enjoyment will be your reaction when you visit the exhibition. Trevor or Bert will be in the gallery to welcome you during the exhibition.

Both artists are members of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA PPWGA

In 1946, at the age of 12, Trevor Chamberlain started taking a serious interest in painting. At about the same time he was invited to join a group of youngsters to receive informal architectural tuition from Eadred Lutyens (nephew of Sir Edwin) at his office in Hertford.

This stimulation of interest in architecture encourages Trevor, on leaving school, to become an architectural assistant for some 12 years, but still painting in his spare time.

Eventually however, in 1964 he decided to pursue instead a full-time artistic career by painting professionally and giving up architectural work.

This exhibition celebrates 70 Painting Years and depicts places visited, the year’s seasons, time of day, varying conditions and inspirational lighting effects.



Bert Wright sold his first painting at the age of 16 in 1946 and since then has had a career covering many aspects of the art profession. His early works were mainly architectural paintings a number of which were hung in The Royal Academy.

He then embarked on a broader career as an illustrator and designer providing paintings and exhibitions for a number of large authorities. These included the New Towns Authority and the Atomic Energy Authority.

Following a period of managing a studio of illustrators, exhibition designers and photographers he moved into the field of television and eventually became General Manager of the Scenery Group at the BBC.

In 1980 he decided to go back to his original career as a full time artist and since then he has been a successful artist working in both watercolours and oils. His main interest is in marine, landscape and city subjects. He enjoys painting outdoors and attempts to complete a painting in one sitting if possible.

He is Past President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists; Past President of the Wapping Group of Artists and Past President of the Ealing Art Group, a member of the Chelsea Art Group and has been Governor of the Federation of British Artists.

Over the years Bert has travelled and painted in many countries including the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America. In the Middle East he, for a number of years, undertook commissions for the Sultanate of Oman.

Bert has been painting in America for the past 30 years and has an association with a number of galleries in the States. His travels in that country have included both coastlines from Mexico to Canada and the Florida Keys to Maine. In all of these travels Bert was accompanied, and greatly assisted, by his wife Marjorie who very sadly passed away following a long illness.