1 July 2016 to 24 July 2016
Palazzo Strozzi

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize: Figurative Art Today

1 to 24 July 2016

Palazzo Strozzi, Strozzina

Piazza Strozzi

50123 Firenze


In an unprecedented exchange, over half of the works selected for The Columbia Threadneedle Prize exhibition at Mall Galleries in February 2016 are touring to Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, the city’s largest temporary exhibition space, for a special four-week exhibition opening in July 2016, allowing many more thousands of visitors to enjoy the work selected for this year's Prize.

Featured Work

Claire Anscomb - Noel Carroll

Edward Anthony - Ron Arad

Yuki Aruga - Severance

Paul Ashurst - The Co.Op Rothko

Sarah Ball - Immigrant III

Nicola Bealing - Trannack Misfits

Oliver Bedeman - Tom Bedeman

Alison Boult - From The Balfron

Maria Bowers - Justice

Maria Bowers - Lily

Lewis Chamberlain - Play Horse

Peter Clossick NEAC - Summer Solstice

Charlotte Cory - The Ancestral Teapot

Helene Delmaire - Untitled

Gillian Ellis - Only The Curious Have Something To Find

Pauline Evans - Loving Friends I

Maryam Foroozanfar - Robert

Fran Giffard - A Gift From Paradise

Julia Hamilton - Patti

Marie Harnett - Rush

Rebecca Harper - The Yes & The No Pile

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner - Salt in Tea

Delphine Hogarth - New Landscape

Nicholas Holmes - Winston Field

Charlotte Hopkins Hall - Scott (D'Après Matisse)

Gareth Kemp - A Germanic Landscape

Helen Lloyd-Elliott - Study of her Hand

Juliette Losq - Wandle

Graham Martin - Red Road 2015 II

Coll McDonnell - David, Alex, Louis and Sebastian

John Murphy-Woolford - Conversations with Myself

J Carlos Naranjo - El Mameluco (After the Battle)

Robert O'Brien - Ched

Kelvin Okafor - Jasmin's Interlude

Howard Read - The Lost Estate

Stephen Read - Hut 21

Stephen Read - Too Much Intelligence

Paul Regan - Tudor Park

Laura Smith - Shells

Penelope Smith - Stuart and Ukelele

Nikki Stevens - Phoenix Rising

Chris Thomas - Sheep with their Lambs

Tomas Tichy - Tabula Rasa - Selfie I

Susanne du Toit - Waiting for Rex

Shelly Tregoning - Hirsute Series, 1

Roger Woodiwiss - Seaside

Roy Wright PS - The Leaves Cling and Grow Paler

Holly Zandbergen - The River Child

For more information, please visit columbiathreadneedleprize.com