The Scientists

“The Scientists is a painting that came about from a number of different influences. I was cross-referencing a number of works by certain artists that I'm influenced by, Sci-fi Movies and 1980's Open University programmes. Essentially it is a composite double portrait, the younger scientist behind the sitting figure is a kind of self portrait; I put myself into the work as I tend to think of painting as a kind of science whereby the outcome is derived by a contingent process of trial and error.

The older seated figure and the composition generally is based on a Lucian Freud painting entitled two Irishmen in an interior W2. The large pillar-like electrical device in the centre is an impure invention, it started of as a sculpture and then morphed gradually into what I like to think of as a kind of 1950's prototype to the Large Hadron Collider; a scientific/artistic folly in pursuit of some possible yet unknown outcome.” - Toby Hunt

Toby Hunt
150 cm x 110 cm

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