Around and Around

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"I paint loosely observed details of the world around me. The paintings in FBA Futures are deliberately ambiguous, borderline figurations, encouraging the viewer to formulate unusual associations with our concrete surroundings. I often use the natural world and simple moments as departure points, reinforcing the importance of everyday experience. I transform these images in the process of painting, which evolve through layering and reworking the surface, accepting improvisation as a tool for visual invention. The work jolts between its crude materiality and its metaphysical aspect, a push and pull game that has been repeatedly present in discussions around painting."

 - Gabriela Giroletti,  Slade School of Fine Art

Gabriela Giroletti
Oil on cotton
220 x 180 cm

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This work was exhibited at FBA Futures. Discover more about FBA Futures or find out more about artists opportunities at future exhibitions