Audience 3

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"This work is part of a series of studies of post-modern ideas in relation to pre-modern ones. The representation of this is a crowd with references from The Moomins and Auschwitz to Faust and Mephistopheles.

This style of referencing is inherent to communication through art, the artist uses well-known symbols to create a narrative that the viewer can connect with, in modern digital communities these are called memes and are regarded as a universal inside joke. The work uses memes themselves as a reference to life in the digital world and uncertainty of subjectivity and ultimately post-modernism."

 - Alexander Fox-Robinson, Carmarthen School of Art

Alexander Fox-Robinson
Acrylic on nylon & board
122 x 183 cm

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This work was exhibited at FBA Futures. Discover more about FBA Futures or find out more about artists opportunities at future exhibitions