Hunger, Curiosity & Urgency

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  • Amponsah-Larry-Hunger-Curiosity-&-Urgency-ReTouched.jpg

"My practice often uses archival images and materials sampled from various cultures to attempt to solve the unresolved questions of representation in the history of art by employing collage as a point of departure; to create compositions of entities in spaces and spaces in entities and to tell fictional stories that deal with global issues.

For this piece I tried to extend the materiality of archival images and objects - by preoccupying myself in painting, employing the act of tearing as a resistance against the authority of the digital epoch and collaging as an act to find some kind of solution for transformation. Most importantly, the work examines what it means to live within this globalised world influenced by so much (technology, education, politics, etc.) and yet restricting in all aspects of our lives. Through the act of negotiation, over 300 images were sampled from private homes, offices, the internet, institutional archives, newspapers and so on."

 - Larry Aponsah, Royal College of Art

Larry Amponsah
Mixed media
170 x 340 cm

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