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"This diptych is a projection into an imagined future. Using myself as the model, this work is questioning the subject-hood of both the pregnant mother and her unborn child, the mother’s identity appears to evolve as the foetus grows.

Using the language of traditional painting and taking inspiration from bodily transformation, spiritual experience, and the increasingly ubiquitous use of online avatars, Simulation interrogates what human beings are made of in 2018, as technology becomes an increasingly essential extension of our biological existence and the “self” becomes an even more fluid concept."

 - Zoe Beaudry, Glasgow School of Art

Zoe Beaudry
Oil on canvas (diptych)
190 x 79 cm each
£1,550 for one panel; £2,600 for both panels

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This work was exhibited at FBA Futures. Discover more about FBA Futures or find out more about artists opportunities at future exhibitions