Your Lips Taste Like Cherry Chapstick

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"In my practice, I explore methods to fracture and reconfigure pictorial space. This I deploy as a means to describe and digest the dense compression and spacialisation of time in contemporary culture. In our moment, we are inundated with visual information that renders our ability to understand and process experience, as well as our sense of time and perspective, haphazard if not indeed skewed. My paintings begin here and assert the idea of looking at and through such a fractured pictorial space. I then begin to question how figural information might exist within this frame."

 - Emma Fineman, Royal College of Art


Hear Emma Fineman discuss the challenges and opportunities for female artists in Female Futures, January 18, 2pm to 3.30pm.

Emma Fineman
Oil and charcoal on canvas
76 x 61 cm

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This work was exhibited at FBA Futures. Discover more about FBA Futures or find out more about artists opportunities at future exhibitions