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Artist Statement

A handmade acrylic vitrine displaying an assortment of domestic paper cast vessels and utensils.

These were made/inspired from a re-discovered box of family hand-me-downs triggering vivid recollections of atmosphere, people and place. These items are familiar and hold histories not only on a personal level but also within the wider collective. I wanted to accentuate the fragility of the items and moreover the fragility and importance of memory. The paper casts are almost translucent in parts, drawing attention to the cycles of decay and renewal.

The idea behind the acrylic vitrine was to display the items as almost floating/transient. It was also inspired by the historical displays within the museum, in this case, the paper is materially worth little but the memories the items may evoke are priceless.    



Helen Ireland
Paper / rice & glue objects in acrylic vitrine
95 x 122 x 60 cm

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