The House

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Artist Statement

The source material for this work is a Zurbaran's 'Immaculate Conception'. Upon seeing the work in person 5 years ago I found myself really disturbed by the narrative, the elevation of impossible virginity, and denial of a woman's bodily ness, the Cherubim under her skirt. The story clearly a myth but one which has so evidently affected society’s behaviour towards women. 

My instinct was to remake the paintings in some kind of way, repeating the image till it cannibalised itself and became this kind of sci-fi natural landscape, in which a Rorschach test of cherubim faces float in an elegiac bubble and the praying hands of the saints appear to be worshipping an ambiguous form painted so as to be easily misread as female genitalia.


Rosanna Dean
Oil on canvas
27 x 80 cm

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