Inside the Spaceship

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Artist Statement

Inside the Spaceship depicts the Saints, drawn in the visual style of the Moscovian frescos, mostly Dionysius, floating inside the spaceship. The idea behind the painting is mainly to counteract the politicisation of religious and space imagery. I aimed to create a piece that treats both positions humorously and acknowledges the contradiction between religious and scientific views on things.

There are several cues as to what the narrative is, like the weights in Christ’s hand, the name of the painting, or an intentionally weirdly shaped Seraph, however, I also enjoy the fact that the narrative of the piece is not immediately apparent to the viewer and it needs further examination.

I used wooden panels for this piece as a reference to Russian icons. Wooden surface allowed the work to have a more architectural quality to it, which alluded to the frescos and murals that it has partially originated from.

Mariia Drobot
Oil paint on carved board
240 x 200 cm

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