Lionel, The Motor and the Larkham Lads

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  • Mulvihill-Oliver-Lionel-The-Motor-and-the-Larkham-Lads.jpg

Artist Statement

My recent work explores contemporary human preoccupations, presented through attitudes of romance, comedy and at times, the dystopian. My paintings examine the artificial nature of human exhibitionism, where subjects such as the grooming of hair and the changing of clothes provide cues to explore the notion of painting, its possibilities and how it can be deconstructed. On the surface, the paintings are fictional tableaux where figures exist in a choreographed stasis, fulfilling everyday activities.

The painting's inhabitants physically commune with each,  suggesting a narrative yet to unfold. Compositional idiosyncrasies play a role in defying sense and reason, subverting the laws of nature for narrational intrigue.  They are images which bring together and reconfigure idioms from art history; tropes of modernism, shades of neoclassicism, and the colours of vintage Hollywood cinema married to create a world historicized.

On a deeper level, these seemingly mundane environments are juxtaposed with surreal and sinister elements. They are scenes undercut by black humour and existential uncertainty.

Oliver Mulvihill
Distemper on canvas
76 x 192 cm

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